Core Features

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  • Analytics

    • Pie Chart
    • Bar Chart
  • Custom Font Color

    Break the stereotypes of black and white paper surveys and see through a colorful prism by giving your text the desired color.

  • Custom Background

    Make your survey the most attractive and clean-cut by changing the background that suits your company image.

  • Custom Theme Color

    We created an interactive interface to match the brand's esthetic philosophy by giving them an option to customize the theme.

  • Custom Submission

    • Default Feedback Submission
  • Custom Logo

    Make an eternal imprint at your customers, mark your own identification by placing the logo of your company.

  • Custom Rating

    Is your business too serious to add smileys or too fun inclined to add mainstream starring? Choose that depicts your business best.

  • Custom Form

    Strings to knit different meshes cannot be same, we understand your business needs and have catered them by custom forms.

How it Works?

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Customer Gives Feedback

Irresponsible staff and manager, giving no heed upon your complaints and suggestions? Want to report as it is to the owner? Sadly this is not possible through paper feedbacks. Well, this is where the Pulseinn jumps in. Fill in the feedback form, give comments and dust off the hands! The feedbacks given by customers are directly sent to owner in a report format and now he is well aware of the entire business from services to products from employees to customers everything is under his control.

This will definitely increase the customer’s trust and the productivity of business.

Admin Sees Feedback

We, at Pulseinn aim to excel at taking your business success up a notch! The feedback given by customers never reaches the owner unmodified and employees get the freedom to do whatever they want without any fear to get complained. We understood the philosophy, mapped out a plan and in no time at all Pulseinn was on the road. The owner can view the feedback received in two formats that is bar and pie chart by applying various filters. It is a one stop platform to benefit customers and owners alike. The idea was to provide ease and make readily accessible, feedback services.

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